The Story Behind the III Sisters of Nature

The III Sisters of Nature product line is not only a brand but an extension of three REAL sisters styles and personalities! 

The story begins with three sisters who come from a long lineage of hair care pioneers. After watching the progression of natural hair care over the past few years, the sisters decided it was their turn to provide their natural gift to the industry. The sisters wanted a product that performed, was very affordable and also free of harsh and unnecessary chemicals. 

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Cleaner Products for My Hair

III Sisters of Nature products prides itself on being “The Cleaner Hair Care Products”.

What does this mean exactly? 

In the hair care industry “clean” refers to being free of harsh ingredients or products that are not derived naturally. III Sisters of Nature Products are free of petroleum, mineral oil, silicones, alcohol, formaldehyde, carbomers, parabens or waxes. We simply offer Style and Savings with all of our products!

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New Products

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