Available at the following retailers:

Available at the following retailers

The "Cleaner" Hair Care Products

Sulfate Free Shampoo

Sulfate Free Shampoo $9.99

This lightweight sulfate free shampoo will gently remove impurities while retaining moisture balance in the hair. Infused with Argan Oil and special extracts to replace moisture balance and impart shine on every strand restoring hair back to its natural healthy state.


Cleansing Avocado Co-wash $7.99

A daily, gentle conditioning cleanser infused with rich avocado extract to improve strength and flexibility. Every strand will begin to experience less breakage and more curl definition. 


Natural Curling Gelo $9.99

Curling Gelo helps enhance your natural curl pattern while providing you with a frizz-free, non-greasy, non-drying look for superior long lasting curls, waves and twists.


Leave In Conditioner

Leave-In Conditioner $9.99

III Sisters of Nature Leave In Conditioner leaves the hair feeling silky, moisturized and replenished with special a special blend of natural extracts and botanicals. This dual purpose conditioner can be used as a daily co-wash or as a leave in conditioner.










Natural Lengthening Crème $12.99

Natural Lengthening Crème will elongate and add length to your curls,waves, twists and kinks to give your hair the added volume that you desire. This is the ulti-ageable and dull curls.


Once A Week Nourishing Treatment $12.99

Concentrated with natural and botanical ingredients until once a week is all you need. Our conditioner will coat, protect and repair dry, fragile and damaged hair and strengthen your curls.


Cleansing Coconut Co-wash $7.99

A daily, gentle conditioning cleanser with essential fats and protein to build soft and shiny coils. Hair will retain more moisture which increases elasticity.










Spiral Pudding $12.99

Spiral Pudding helps revive dull, frizzy and tight curls to life with moisture, shine and length. Spiral Pudding is made with natural blends that have been reduced to the smallest molecule for maximum penetration and definition of curls, waves, twists and kinks.


Sweet Honeyrose Treatment

Sweet Honeyrose Treatment $12.99

Sweet HoneyRose Treatment is designed to elongate and define your curls and give them bounce an manage-ability. Sweet HoneyRose softens and moisturizes each curl for maximum length.